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Measures to be taken in plazas within the scope of Covid-19

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  • Measures to be taken in plazas within the scope of Covid-19

The plazas are important because of the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, as they provide services in closed areas.

In this sense, the main measures to be taken in the plazas are:

* There should be a hand antiseptic at the entrance of the plazas and if the air curtains are working at the entrances, they should be closed.

* Trash bin with pedal / cover should be placed at the entrance and exit of the Plaza and it should be emptied regularly.

* The number of people in the plaza should be limited to one person per 10 square meters.

* At the entrance of the plaza, fire measurement should be done. Those whose fever is higher than 38 ° C should not be taken inside, they should be directed to the health institution.

* If there are fingerprint scanning systems for the staff working at the entrance of the plaza, hand antiseptic should be placed next to it.

* Disposable paper towels should be placed in the toilets. Air operated hand dryers should not be operated.

* While eating or drinking tea / coffee, it should be ensured that at least 1 meter of social distance is maintained between people as the mask will be removed.

* UV, ULV, ozone, disinfection tunnel applications for air and environment cleaning should not be used in plazas since they are not suitable for health.

* Air conditioning systems and ventilators other than central ventilation systems should not be used.

* Computer keyboards, telephone and other device surfaces where chlorine compounds are not suitable should be wiped with 70% alcohol and disinfection should be provided. Work benches should be cleaned regularly and disinfection should be provided with 70% alcohol.

* Normal cleaning periods of air handling units should be shortened. Ventilation should be maintained even when the building is not in use at night, even with less air volume, the ventilation system should continue to operate overnight.


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