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Menus must contain soon allergen substances

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  • Menus must contain soon allergen substances

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and so on. going to an important arrangement of places. It will now be obligatory to specify whether the foods offered for consumption contain allergic substances in the menus of the places offering mass meals.

Allergenic components include mainly gluten-containing foods, soybeans and products, eggs and products, milk and dairy products, fish and fish products, peanuts and products, crustaceans and products, nuts, celery and products, mustard and products, sulfur dioxide and sulfides, molluscs and mollusk products.

In addition, if the food contains ethyl alcohol and a substance derived from pork, consumers will also need to be informed clearly. This information will be presented to consumers through menus, whiteboards and brochures in a way that consumers can easily see.

Companies that do not comply with the regulation will be fined by the end of 2019.

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