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mercury hazard of skin whitener products

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  • mercury hazard of skin whitener products

Recently, skin lightening, in other words skin whitening, has become popular. For this reason, such products are becoming widespread in the cosmetics industry.

Many substances can be used in skin whitening products, including hydroquinone and mercury. The use of unsuitable skin lighteners in under-the-counter products without the permission of the Ministry of Health can cause many health problems.

Mercury poses a great risk due to its accumulation in the body. Due to the ability of mercury to inhibit the formation of melanin, there is a possibility that it can be used in the content of whitening products.

Organic mercury (methyl mercury) has a greater risk potential than inorganic mercury, however, all forms of mercury are absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes. Mercury compounds can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and adverse effects on the nervous system.

In case of excessive exposure to mercury, clinical symptoms such as tremor, weakness, memory loss, dermatitis and impaired kidney function occur. According to the "Guideline on Heavy Metal Impurities in Cosmetic Products", the maximum amount of mercury that can be found in cosmetic products is specified as "1 ppm".

If untested products without the permission of the Ministry of Health are used, such products may cause redness, itching and edema. In addition, if the mercury content in such products is above the limits, long-term use may cause problems in the functioning of organs such as kidney and liver.

In order to avoid such situations, consumers should prefer products of well-known brands that they are sure of being tested. Manufacturers are also required to carry out heavy metal analyzes so that their products do not cause any problems.

Cosmetic manufacturers can get support from our company regarding "Mercury (Hg) Analysis" or "Cosmetic heavy metal analysis"; They can have it analyzed whether the mercury content in their products exceeds the maximum "1 ppm" or not.

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