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Microbiological Air Measurement Analysis

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High microorganism load in the environment and air can lead to various allergic reactions. Ambient air exposed for a long time, especially in closed areas, can cause various symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and itching on the skin.

Recently, many devices that claim to clean the air with the effect of the pandemic, bacteria, fungi and viruses have been put on the market. These devices use a variety of ways to clean the air. Microorganisms in the air are tried to be removed or destroyed by many means such as UV lamps and HEPA filters.

It is possible to analyze the environment, air microbiologically. With the devices that detect the number of microorganisms in the air, the number of microorganisms in the environment can be separately determined as bacteria and mold-yeast.

Microbiological air quality should be at certain values, especially in indoor environments such as plaza, residence and shopping mall. Although there is no limit on this issue in our country, some countries abroad have limit values ​​for office etc.

In order to prevent the microbiological air quality in the indoor environment from microbiological pollution, the environment should be ventilated at certain times, if this is not possible, clean air should be given at a certain rate from the central ventilation.

Microbiological measurement analysis of the ambient air is performed by us.

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