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Microbiological Limits in Baby Products

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  • Microbiological Limits in Baby Products

Cosmetic products are evaluated according to the "Guide on Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products" published by the Ministry of Health.

According to this guideline, the microbiological limit values of baby products are lower than other products, therefore, more sensitive production is required to ensure these values.

Babies are more susceptible to microbial infections because their skin is more sensitive and their immune systems are not yet fully formed. Therefore, the microbial limits of the cosmetic products used are also lower.

For baby products, the microbiological limit is expressed as 100 cfu/g for the total number of viable aerobic mesophilic microorganisms (total of bacteria, mold, yeast).

Products containing more than 100 cfu/g microorganisms are considered as "microbiologically unsuitable products".

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