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Microbiological Limits of Cosmetic Products

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  • Microbiological Limits of Cosmetic Products

The microbiological characteristics of cosmetic products are specified in the "Guideline on Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products - Version 1.0".

According to this standard, pathogens named "Escherichia coli", "Staphylococcus aureus", "Pseudomonas aeruginosa" and "Candida albicans" should not be present in all cosmetic products whose microbiological analysis is performed.

These pathogens are analyzed in cosmetic products, especially since they are microorganisms that have the risk of causing infections on the skin, and these pathogens should definitely not be present in cosmetics.

Apart from pathogens, the total number of micro-organisms that can be found in the product is limited.

Since different skin areas will be different in terms of sensitivity, cosmetic products are divided into 2 groups in terms of the total number of "aerobic mesophilic microorganisms".

Group 1 includes products applied around the eyes, products intended for the mucous membrane area and products for children under 3 years of age.

Group 2 includes all products other than these.

While the number of "total aerobic mesophilic microorganisms" in the products in Group 1 is "100 cfu / g";

For "category 2" this limit is 1000 cfu / g.

Cosmetic product manufacturers should consider these limits and produce them.

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