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Microbiological Quality of Cosmetic Products

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  • Microbiological Quality of Cosmetic Products

Microbial contaminations that may occur in cosmetic products may occur during the production phase, filling phase or consumer use.

In order to ensure the quality of a cosmetic product and the safety of the consumer, routine microbiological analysis of the finished product must be made.

"Final product testing" is not required for some products, such as cosmetics with an alcohol content of ">20%" according to "ISO 29621".

However, microbial analysis is required for all cosmetic products other than those specified in this standard.

According to "EN ISO 17516: 2014", the microbiological limits in cosmetic products are as in the table below.

In this table, "category 1" includes products for use in the eye area and mucous membranes, products specially designed for children under 3 years of age.

The remaining products fall into "Category 2".

The cosmetic products produced must comply with the microbiological limits in this table.

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