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New Regulations on Labeling

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  • New Regulations on Labeling

The “Regulation on Food Labeling and Informing Consumers” and the “Regulation on Nutrition and Health Declarations” and the Regulation on Labeling, published in the Official Gazette dated 26 January 2017, were revised in two separate sections.

These regulations impose new obligations on mass consumption places as well as new practices for informing consumers about food.

What's new to consumers:

- Energy values ​​and nutritional labeling are mandatory in all pre-packaged food labels with the new optional regulation.

- It is obligatory to specify the name of the food supplied to the consumers and the allergen components in all places of mass consumption such as restaurants, restaurants and cafes.

- All mandatory information about the food sold on the Internet, except for the last consumption date or the recommended consumption date, and in the case of the presence of ethyl alcohol and / or swine in the composition of the food, will be made available to the consumer before the conclusion of the purchase.

Innovations for manufacturers:

  • In order to make a nutritional or health declaration, it will be necessary to demonstrate that a nutrient or other item that is declared to be present, absent or reduced in a food or food group has a beneficial nutritional or physiological effect, as evidenced by generally accepted scientific evidence. Nutrition and health statements will be based on and confirmed by generally accepted scientific evidence.
    - 100 g or 100 ml of food on the labels of prepackaged foods will have to include the amount of nutrients (fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrate, sugar, protein and salt) with the energy value.
    - Pre-packaged products sold or sold in accordance with the demand of the consumer in the business with the package sold directly in ready-made foods for pre-packaged foods, if requested, buyers will be informed about all the mandatory information.
    - Necessary information on non-prepackaged foods offered to the end consumer in mass consumption places will be easily presented to the consumer through menus, whiteboards, brochures, etc., which can be easily seen and read clearly.
    - Health statements referring to weight loss will not be allowed.
    - Without prejudice to the provisions of the legislation on food for special nutritional purposes, no information can be made that food has the ability to prevent, treat or cure a disease. Such features will not be cited. The rules will also apply to the advertising, appearance or packaging of food.
    - Food operators operating before the date of publication of the Regulation will have to comply with these provisions until 31 December 2019. Foods labeled or placed on the market before that date will be available until the end of their shelf life.

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