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Non-Ionic Active Substance

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Since nonionic active substances are not affected by acidic or basic environments, they are the most commonly used surfactants in detergents, cosmetics and other industries.

Nonionic active agents are also used as suds adjusters, good emulsifying properties, good dispersing properties, compatibility with other surfactants, cleaning agents for detergents, general cleaning agents, wetting agents of textile and pesticide formulations.

When a homogeneous sample of synthetic detergent is extracted with ethanol, the surfactants, soap and alcohol-soluble components in the detergent are extracted.

In the determination of the amounts of anionic, nonionic, cationic and ampholytic active substances in the detergents, as stated in the notification of the detergent and TS 518, all of these substances are extracted with alcohol as they are dissolved in alcohol.

The anionic, cationic and nonionic active substances are then separated from each other by passing through ion exchange columns. The amount of nonionic active substance obtained is determined potentiometrically.

In our laboratory, non-ionic active substances are analyzed.

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