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Odorless Garlic - Black (Fermented) Garlic

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  • Odorless Garlic - Black (Fermented) Garlic

Garlic has been used for 4000 years for the treatment of diabetes, arthritis and infectious diseases. Louis Pasteur has proven the lethal effect of garlic on bacteria.

After the end of the Russian State antibiotics in World War II, when the soldiers began to treat with garlic, garlic was called Russian penicillin.
Black garlic, which is widely used in Korea and Japan, has become an internationally popular food with its effects on cancer protection.

Black garlic is obtained by keeping it in a controlled environment at 65-80 ° C, 70-80% humidity without any additives for 1 month.

Allinase inhibits the conversion of alliin to allicin. Thus, unwanted odor and taste does not occur.

During fermentation, alliin is converted to SAC, not allicin. SAC is a compound containing antioxidant activity.

HAIR; It is a water-soluble sulfur compound, formed during the conversion of glut-glutamyl-S-L-cysteine ​​into SAC with the enzyme gl -glutamyl and is found very intensely in black garlic. This substance is particularly effective in preventing liver disorders and colon cancer. It has antioxidant activity and medical activity.

Black garlic, which is not very well known in our country, is a much more beneficial food than white garlic.

Antioxidant properties are much more than white garlic. Because of this feature, infections caused by bacteria and viruses are more effective. As a result of the fermentation process, the effectiveness of the pungent odor and bitter substances decreases, leaving no odor and taste in the mouth. Lowers cholesterol levels. Many studies conducted abroad have proven to be effective on tumor cells. In addition, studies show that it is much richer in nutrient content than white garlic.

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