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Ozone Disinfection and Areas Used

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  • Ozone Disinfection and Areas Used

Ozone gas, which is formed in the atmosphere, is also produced in ozone generators. 

It was first used as a disinfectant in drinking water in 1893.

In 1997, the FDA approved ozone to enter the safe gases class in food. That same year, water bottles banned in Turkey chlorinated disinfection and ozone is permitted.

The main uses of ozone are used for disinfection of drinking and utility water, meat processing in food production facilities, cold storage and water bottling. It is also used in wastewater treatment, odor removal in industry and ozone therapy in the healthcare industry.

The most common use of ozone in the recent period is surface and environment disinfection through air conditioning system in factories and smart buildings; It is the neutralization of bacteria and viruses infected on the surfaces in hospitals and hotels.

In many hospitals in America and the world, ozonation is used to disinfect the operation rooms between operations and to kill the bacteria left after disinfection.
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