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Paraffin Analysis in Cosmetics

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  • Paraffin Analysis in Cosmetics

Paraffin derived from petroleum and its derivatives is a hydrocarbon used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and many more.

Paraffin is odorless and colorless. Paraffin is widely used today. It prevents air and water permeability of materials by being used in textile field and thus creates a more robust insulation.

In cosmetics, paraffin increases the water resistance of the products used, makes them permanent and is used in various fields. Paraffin is a frequently used substance in both beauty products and care products. Paraffin-containing cosmetic products trap moisture to the skin, leaving the skin soft to dry. It is very effective in eliminating problems such as cracking of the skin, tension and wear.

Paraffin, which is used in many parts of our lives, can pose a number of health threats. This product, which is an oil chemical, should not be swallowed. May cause damage to the liver and kidneys if swallowed. In particular, paraffin is introduced into the body through lipsticks, which are cosmetic products. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that this chemical can harm the heart.

Paraffin-free products have become popular for many periods. Consumers who turn to more natural products are turning to paraffin-free products. Paraffin-free tests are performed in our laboratory.

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