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Parameters Determining Quality of Olive Oil

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  • Parameters Determining Quality of Olive Oil

Since olive oil is obtained by squeezing the flesh of the olive with the seeds, it is actually a fruit juice unlike other edible oils obtained from the seeds.

Some consumers think that the freezing and dark color of olive oil shows that it is good quality, while some consumers think that it is poor quality. On the contrary, it is known that olive oil does not or does not freeze, its color is not clear or darkness is not an indicator of quality, and it is known that such properties are completely related to the region where olive is grown.

It is extremely difficult to determine whether the olive oil is of good quality by looking at the color, the characteristics of the soil where olive is grown and the time of harvest affects the color of the oil.

Olive oil prices are constantly rising due to the difficult production of olive oil and problems in the olive industry.

Due to the high prices of olive oil, olive oil is one of the most adulterated food products.

The most important parameters determining the quality in olive oil are peroxide value, free fatty acidity and UV absorption (Specific absorption). These analyzes are performed by our company.

The price is cheap because of the structure similar to cotton oil or olive oil, hazelnut oil is used. Cotton oil fits in color. Hazelnut oil is very similar to olive oil in chemical composition.

In order to detect such adulterations, both such quality analyzes and the sensory properties of olive oil should be well known.

Olive Oil Tasting Analysis appeals to consumers who are interested in this subject and professionals. These trainings are carried out within our company in certain periods.

You can send an e-mail to for information about the analysis and training.

Büşra Gökdemir

chemical engineer

Saniter Gıda Çevre Bilimi Ltd. Şti.

Department Head of Chemical Laboratory

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