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Phthalate Test in Cosmetic Products

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  • Phthalate Test in Cosmetic Products

Phthalates are added to provide lasting odor and color in perfumes, lotions and cosmetics. The reasons for mixing in plastic packages are to reduce the hardness of the material and give it flexibility.

Phthalate in shampoo bottles penetrates from product packaging to product and from product into human body. Thus, harmful effects of phthalate are exposed.

Phthalates are readily soluble in the product and can be absorbed into the body through skin contact with the product.

It has been shown by scientific studies that phthalate substance causes cancer, problems in development system and serious problems in reproductive system.

In particular, the phthalates DBP and DEHP are prohibited by the European Union.

It is important to carry out analyzes of hazardous substances in order to provide consumers with a reliable product. Phthalate analysis is performed in our laboratory.

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