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Possible Risks in Cosmetics Containing Cocamide Dea and Mea

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  • Possible Risks in Cosmetics Containing Cocamide Dea and Mea

Cocamide DEA (cocamide diethanolamine) and Cocamide MEA (cocamide monoethanolamine) are substances formed by the reaction of a mixture of fatty acids obtained from coconut oils with diethanolamine. Emulsifiers are commonly used in bath products and cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel, liquid hand soap. Both (DEA and MEA) are used in shampoos as thinners, foaming agents.

When shampoos are combined with other sulphated raw materials, DEA ensures that the foam is very long-lasting and there is a risk of forming nitrozoamines which may cause harm even in contact with the body.

IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) stated that high levels of RIA exposure have potential carcinogenic effects in humans. At the same time, it is stated that high rate of RIA causes increased cancer risk. In addition, small doses of RIA exposure; skin irritation, allergic reactions and dermatitis.

Cocoamide DEA was declared a potential carcinogen in the state of California in 2012.

Cocamide DEA and Cocamide MEA do not contain cocamide DEA / MEA. Therefore, the contents of cosmetic products should be read well.

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