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Precautions for "Covid-19" in Hospitality Industry

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  • Precautions for "Covid-19" in Hospitality Industry

While paying attention to personal hygiene in order to prevent transmission of the corona virus, which is effective today, it is also one of the most basic elements to provide environmental hygiene sanitation.

It is of utmost importance to eliminate the contaminations that may occur in public spaces, to create a hygienic environment for the general population, to determine the cleaning and disinfection conditions to be applied, to make checks that these conditions are applied, and to ensure that the cleaning is done actively / appropriately.

In this process, in accommodation enterprises;

    To have information about guest's health (fire control, etc.)
    There are disinfectants, masks, gloves, medical overalls, fever gauges etc. protective equipment that can be used by the guests, as well as housekeeping.
    Housekeeping should frequently clean and disinfect common areas according to hygiene sanitation rules. Especially toilets, elevator, chair surfaces, stair handles, table etc. surfaces.
    Ventilation support should be provided effectively throughout the enterprise.
    Hand disinfectant should be placed at the points easily accessible by staff and guests.
    The textile products (towels, bedspreads, etc.) used by the guests in their rooms should be washed in accordance with the instructions and at high temperatures to ensure disinfection.
    Dirty equipment of people who are infected or have special circumstances should be kept at separate points defined.

All equipment used in the cleaning and disinfection process must be separate and defined in order to prevent cross contamination from housekeeping personnel in the accommodation establishments. In addition, the process should be continued using special work clothes and protective equipment (masks, gloves, glasses, etc.) to prevent the personnel's own health and possible contamination.

In this process, at the points where the guests and staff are in contact with the accommodation establishments, hygiene and sanitation inspection services and findings are detected, and activity control should be ensured by taking surface "swab samples" at certain periods after the cleaning and disinfection process.

In addition, the training needs of the personnel responsible for the cleaning and disinfection process in the enterprise must be met and continuous information must be provided on the measures to be taken.
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