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Precautions to be Taken in Air Conditioning Systems of Hotels and Restaurants

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  • Precautions to be Taken in Air Conditioning Systems of Hotels and Restaurants

The air handling units of the environments such as shopping malls and offices and their equipment should be disinfected frequently. In addition, disinfectant fluids given to the suction of the plant should also disinfect the air handling unit ducts and culverts during the absence of people.

If the air handling units used for air conditioning are suitable for using 100% outdoor air, the air handling units should be operated using 100% outdoor air.

Standard filters used in air handling units do not have the ability to retain corona virus due to filter efficiency. However, when the filters are dirty, they should be replaced with new ones instead of cleaning.

While the fan is stationary, thermal disinfection can be done by circulating the conditioned water in the heater coils for one hour and increasing the central cell to 60 ºC.

Split air conditioners that use indoor air in restaurants and restaurants, in closed spaces where the number of people are intense (in areas where it is not possible to use masks regularly), FCU or VRF devices that are operated with one hundred percent indoor air or mixed air should not be used.

The ventilation of the environment should be considered with the natural ventilation method as much as possible or it should be provided to use direct expansion air conditioners working with 100% outdoor air with heat recovery.


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