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Precautions to be Taken in Schools under Covid-19

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  • Precautions to be Taken in Schools under Covid-19

It is known that the most common form of transmission of COVID-19 is droplet and contact path. So how should precautions be taken in schools? Since schools are one of the places where they live as a community, they pose a great risk for COVID-19 transmission.

In this case, there is a great responsibility on school management, teachers and school staff.

The specified precautions must be followed to minimize the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

In schools, contactless thermometer, mask, liquid soap and antiseptic or cologne containing at least 70% alcohol should be available.
Lids with lids should be available for used masks.
Personnel and student planning should be made at least 4 square meters per person in schools and the number of people to be taken should be arranged accordingly.
Classroom, dining hall, canteen etc. social distance between people in public areas should be arranged to be at least 1 meter.
Hand antiseptic should be placed at the entrance and exit of the school so that students can maintain hand hygiene.
Teachers, students and other employees in the school should wear masks and masks should be kept at the entrance of the building for those who do not have masks. All the people in the school should wear a mask according to the rule, and the mask should be changed as it becomes moist or dirty. Hand antiseptic should be used while wearing a new mask and after.
Hand antiseptics should be placed in classes, corridors, areas near the entrance and exit. Areas with hand antiseptics should be checked by teachers.
Teachers, students and other employees should learn and apply hand hygiene. Hands should be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If the hands are not visibly dirty, an alcohol-based hand antiseptic can also be used.
In addition to the medical mask, the use of face protectors should be provided in addition to the medical mask for teachers and other employees who have close contact with the students for 1 meter. Face protectors can be reused by wiping with 70% alcohol.
Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces such as door handles, stair railings, electrical buttons that are frequently touched should be ensured.
Classrooms and rooms should be ventilated regularly by opening windows.
Since COVID-19 will increase the risk of contamination, non-mandatory activities should not be made during the epidemic.
Teleconferencing method should be preferred whenever possible to avoid contact in administrative meetings such as teachers, administrators and staff meetings in schools.


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