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Preservative Efficacy Test of Cosmetics

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  • Preservative Efficacy Test of Cosmetics

"Preservative Efficacy Tests" constitute an important place in the microbiological reliability of cosmetic products.

According to the "ISO 29621 Standard", it is not necessary to perform protective efficacy tests on certain products according to parameters such as pH and alcohol ratio, temperature temperature, water activity.

Products with a pH value of less than three and greater than 10 do not require "Preservative Efficiency Test" and microbiological analysis, since their microbiological risk is low.

Likewise, it is not necessary to carry out "Breakthrough Test" for products with an alcohol content of 20% or more.

In addition, solvent products, oxidizing products and products with an aluminum chloride content of 25% or more can be considered microbiologically low risk and the "Efficacy Test" is not performed.


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