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Recent Developments in Stability Analysis in Cosmetic Products

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  • Recent Developments in Stability Analysis in Cosmetic Products

Stability tests are the tests carried out in order to ensure the quality of the product and to determine the shelf life of the product carried out at all stages during the formulation, packaging, end product and reaching the user from the raw material stage.

In cosmetic products, stability test conditions (such as temperature, humidity) and test parameters to be observed (such as color, odor, pH, viscosity) vary according to the product.

There are no guidelines with clear standards for stability tests on cosmetic products. However, studies in this direction have accelerated recently. In general, the authorities have the recommendation to calculate the accelerated shelf life studies in cosmetics using the Accelerated Aging Factor.

Accelerated test period in cosmetics is determined by the "Accelerated Aging Factor" formula using the product's shelf life, accelerated and long term test temperature data. For this calculation, you can contact our company at

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