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Rules to be Considered by Cafes and Restaurants in Covid-19 Outbreak

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  • Rules to be Considered by Cafes and Restaurants in Covid-19 Outbreak

Controlled normalization process was started as of June 1, 2020 in the "COVID-19" epidemic, which affected the whole world. In this context, it is necessary to take the measures specified in our article and to continue these measures continuously in this process, for the enterprises in the food and beverage sector to start operating safely.

* Instructions covering COVID-19 and hygiene rules should be created, after checking periodically, defects should be eliminated and instructions should be updated.

  • The instructions prepared should include the personnel approach and the procedures to be applied to the customer showing the disease.
    * The owner of the business must comply with the rules of social distance throughout the business and ensure that incoming guests follow these rules.
    *Boards with COVID-19 rules and precautions should be created in a way that personnel and guests can see.
    *In the control of the responsible personnel, food safety instructions and kitchen hygiene, pest and pest control instructions should be prepared for COVID-19 measures and this instruction should be ensured.
    *In welcoming the guests, the parents should not wear gloves, disinfect their hands with an alcohol-based hand disinfectant before and after the delivery and delivery service, and should not sit on the vehicles without a mask.
    *The fever of the guests coming to the enterprise should be measured with an appropriate fever meter, and customers who are higher than 38C should be provided to apply to the health institutions with a mask.
    *Hand disinfectant should be placed in the business entrances and disinfectant should be used.
    Customer without a mask should not be accepted and if the customer does not have a mask, the business must have a mask.
    *If there is an elevator in the facility, it should be ensured that customers use it by obeying the social distance signs, with a rule of one third with an interval of 1 meter and necessary information should be hung.
    *1.5 meters of social distance markings should be placed everywhere in the business.
    *The distance between the tables should be 1.5 meters and 60 cm between the chairs side by side.
    *A reciprocal seating arrangement should be created, and a cross seating arrangement should be created on tables smaller than 70 cm in width.
    *The distance between the chairs in the bar section should be 1 meter.
    *Hand antiseptic or cologne must be available at all tables,
    *Open buffet application should be done by kitchen staff.
    *Tools such as tea / coffee machine, water dispensers that guests can use should not be used.
    *If possible, disposable spices, salt, sugar and napkins should be used in the enterprise. Appropriate cleaning and disinfection should be done on the materials used after each customer.
    Hand sanitizer should be available in the necessary sections of the business (entrance of the customer toilet, common areas).
    *Playgrounds should not be used, but playgrounds in the open area can be used with frequent disinfection.
    Areas containing small materials such as a ball pool cannot be used.
    *Health checks of the staff should be done at regular intervals, necessary training should be given to the staff and fever measurements should be completed before starting work. Personnel showing symptoms of disease should be directed to the nearest healthcare facility with a medical mask.
    *Production should be made in accordance with the legislation and regulations.
    *Hygiene areas should be created at the entrance to the production areas and hygiene equipment should be available.
    Storage areas (such as raw, half-baked and baked product) should be separate so as not to cause cross contamination. Foods should not be brought into contact with the ground.
    *Service materials should be washed in a dishwasher.
    * Cothes of the kitchen staff should be clean and the staff should wash their hands frequently during the work.
    *Cleaning of all areas should be cleaned with hygiene products in compliance with the standards and their records should be kept.
    *If possible, doors that do not require hand contact should be made.
    *Periodic maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems should be done, air conditioners should be operated in such a way that they take fresh air from outside and natural ventilation should be given priority.

    If businesses adopt these practices in the COVID-19 process and apply them correctly, we can adapt to the controlled normalization process as soon as possible.


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