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Serious Hazard in Meat Products: E.coli O157

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  • Serious Hazard in Meat Products: E.coli O157

Escherichia coli is a harmless bacterium that can normally be found in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. However, there are many types of pathogens that cause diseases in humans.

E. coli O157 is one of these species and can be very dangerous for human health. This bacteria is found especially in meat and dairy products, but it is also very risky in the agricultural sector. Also consumed raw vegetables and fruits may also be the presence of E. coli O157.

In the studies, it was observed that most of the poisonings caused by E. coli O157 are caused by insufficient heat treated meat and dairy products. Because these bacteria can maintain their pathogenic properties even though they are exposed to stress, it is important to carry out controls in foods.

The contamination of E. coli O157 may be caused not only by food but also by surfaces that come into contact with contaminated food, personnel who are in contact with this food and do not observe hygiene rules. It can also create risky situations in case of contamination of water.

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