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"Silicon Free Analysis" in Cosmetics And Related Products

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  • "Silicon Free Analysis" in Cosmetics And Related Products

Silicones are frequently used in many personal care products, especially shampoos, because of their silky feel.

Silicones, which come under different names such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone, cyclohexasiloxane, cetearyl methicone and cyclopentasiloxane (dimethicone is one of the most well-known), have properties such as waterproofing, protecting moisture, attaching color pigments and providing smoothness.

The most important point here is that silicones are polymers. Silicones, which are available in many varieties, especially Polydimethyl siloxanes, are a family of polymers.

Silicones, which are frequently used in cosmetics, have recently come to the fore due to the possibility of harming people and the environment. For this reason, "silicone free products" are increasing in the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic companies are now starting to produce products that do not contain silicone.

They must document this claim with an analysis report to the "Ministry of Health".

In cosmetic products, "silicone-free analysis" is carried out by determining the polymer structure and it can be presented as a report whether it contains silicone or not.

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