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Skin Irritation Test in Biocidal

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Disinfectants are among the most used products of today. In particular, hand disinfectants we apply to our own skin have become an indispensable part of our lives.

"Product Type 1", Human hygiene products and "Product Type 19", which are the leading biocidal products, and one of the tests required for repellent products directly applied to the body is the "Skin Irritation Test".

In this sense, it should be tested whether the disinfectants used for human hygiene and insecticides that come into contact with the skin cause skin irritation.

In the "In Vitro Irritation Test", the "EC B.46 method" and "OECD 439 Test Method", also referred to as "Restructured Human Epidermis Model Test", are the main analysis methods.

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