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A new source of concern indoors:

Legionella Bacteria (Legionella spp.)

Legionella bacteria, living and drinking water, pool water, soil and especially in closed-circuit water systems, threaten human health.

Possible sources of legionella cases of unknown origin:

- Closed circuit hot and cold water systems

-cooling towers

-water circulation systems

-air heating and cooling systems

-complex apartments with plumbing

Hotels, business centers, meeting rooms, public buildings, pools, baths and showers with infected water systems and cooling water are therefore threatened by legionella bacteria if necessary precautions are not taken.

Generally, Legionella bacteria that are inhaled through the air are manifested by legionary disease or pontiac fever.
Legionnaires' disease, which causes colds with fever and cough and sometimes causes chest and abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and blurred memory, causes deaths of around 15 percent unless treated.

To prevent bacterial growth in closed-circuit water systems:

- Hot water tanks should be kept above 70 degrees,

- Water should be kept below 20 degrees in cold water systems,

- Dirt and residues in water systems should be cleaned regularly,

- Chemical spraying should be done regularly and biocides such as hypochlorite or hypobromic acid should be dosed in the right amount.

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