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Sustainability of Cosmetic Product Safety

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  • Sustainability of Cosmetic Product Safety

The manufacturers of cosmetic products are obliged only to take the necessary measures for the placing of the cosmetic products in accordance with the Regulation and its annexes in accordance with Article 11 of the Cosmetic Regulation and to produce in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices Guide.

Related to this, the Guidelines on Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products include the following.

Manufacturers of cosmetic products are obliged to produce according to the Good Manufacturing Practices Manual. Many aspects such as contaminated areas, raw materials, production and poor hygiene of personnel affect the contamination during production.
Raw material specifications should include microbiological purity. In particular, since water is one of the most used cosmetic components, the water used must be tested continuously for microorganism growth.
All these statements show that the sustainability of the reliability of the cosmetic product is important even after the product is placed on the market.

The sustainability of the reliability of the produced product should be ensured by microbiological product analyzes carried out at certain periods after the product is produced, the controls of the water and raw materials used in production, and the ambient air in the cosmetic production area, microbiological controls of personnel and equipment.

Even if the cosmetic product is suitable for the tests performed during the preparation of the product safety assessment report; If these controls are not carried out, it will be inevitable that the product will be unsuitable in the market surveillance and cause customer complaints about the cosmetic product.

This will lead to serious material losses. But perhaps the most important is the loss of prestige of the manufacturer.

In order to avoid such situations, production environment controls and product analyzes of cosmetic products should be performed after they are placed on the market.

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