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The claim of silicone-free in cosmetics

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  • The claim of silicone-free in cosmetics

Silicones are used in many personal care products. It is used very much in cosmetic sector because it provides lubrication and silk-like feeling on the skin.

There are many different types of silicones (dimethicone is one of the best known), waterproofing, moisture-retaining, color pigments, protecting our hair and providing smoothness.

An important point here is that silicones are polymeric rather than elementary. Silicones, especially polydimethyl siloxanes, are a family of polymers with many varieties.

Silicones, which are frequently used in cosmetics, have recently come to the fore due to the possibility of harm to people and the environment. In the coming period, some silicones, especially D4, D5, will no longer be required in cosmetic products. Therefore, silicone free products are popular.

Especially companies that want to offer safe cosmetic products to their customers now start to produce silicone-free products and declare them. The Ministry of Health now wants to receive reports for such claims.

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