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The Danger of Legionella in Air Conditioners and What to Do Against Legionella

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  • The Danger of Legionella in Air Conditioners and What to Do Against Legionella

Legionella bacteria are microorganisms that can cause serious infections in humans. More than 20 species of Legionella bacteria can cause infections in humans. However, the most common type of infection in the clinic is "Legionella pneumophila"

The natural environments of Legionella bacteria are rivers, lakes, thermal waters, mud and spring waters. Therefore, artificial water systems can create environments conducive to the growth of Legionella bacteria in high numbers.

The optimum temperatures for the growth of this bacterium are between 25°C and 45°C, and Legionella dies above 60°C. In this sense, risky environments for Legionella are hot and cold water systems and water tanks, baths, spa pools, swimming pools and thermal spas, showers, shower heads and taps, central air conditioners, fire hoses, decorative pools.

Every contact with water containing Legionella does not cause health problems. However, the inhalation of Legionella-containing water into the lungs while taking a shower, in air-conditioning systems, and in jacuzzis can cause infection.

The most important risk factors for infection are effects that weaken the person's respiratory resistance or general body resistance. The elderly with low body resistance and people who smoke are at risk. In terms of Legionella, water systems should be evaluated and analyzes should be carried out at certain periods.

Some of the measures to be taken against Legionella in water systems are:

  • The water should be heated above 70 degrees without waiting,
  • Faucets and shower heads should be washed with pressurized hot water for 30 minutes,
  • Disinfection of the systems used should be done regularly and properly.                           

Apart from the precautions taken, routine checks should be done for Legionella.

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