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Things to Considerate When Shopping At The Supermarket

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  • Things to Considerate When Shopping At The Supermarket

Supermarkets are large areas where we can easily meet all the basic needs of a house, especially food needs. It has become very difficult to go to the market and shop for fruits and vegetables, especially for those who live in big cities. For this reason, supermarkets near our home have become a powerful option to meet our needs. Our road falls to supermarkets almost every week. We supply fresh, ready or frozen food products from these markets.

We can make market shopping safer and more efficient by paying attention to a few points. After purchasing foodstuffs, it is completely under our control to bring it home under favorable conditions and prevent spoilage of products.

How should we safely store the food until we bring it to our table? Here, we will look for answers to this question below.

First, the packaging of foodstuffs with long shelf life, such as juices, canned foods, and chips, should be unopened, deformed, untouched and intact. Food cans should be tightly closed, not bumped, skewed, free from edges, and their packaging should not be torn.

During shopping, fast-spoiling foods and frozen foods should be purchased last.

Meat, chicken, fish, milk and dairy products; The packaging should be cold to the touch. Frozen foods should be solid and should not show signs of thawing. Products that are torn or damaged in their packaging should not be purchased.

For milk and dairy products, pasteurized products should be preferred. Eggs with broken, cracked and dirt on them should not be purchased.
Production Date and Expiry Dates printed on the packaging should be checked in all products, products with an expiry date or about to pass should not be purchased.

When shopping from vegetable and fruit departments, care should be taken that this section is not close to the entrances or exits. Fruit and vegetable benches located outside are affected by air pollution, dust and exhaust fumes. For this reason, care should be taken not to buy food products from the stands placed outside.

After ending the grocery shopping, you should go home directly and the food products purchased should be removed to the cupboards according to their classes (risky foods should be placed in cold cabinets). If it is not possible to meet these conditions, these conditions must be met by using thermos in the car to keep the products in the cold chain.

The purchased products should not be taken more than necessary and the products should be lifted into the refrigerator or freezers according to their shelf life characteristics.
The products retain their freshness in cold cabinets. However, it should not be forgotten that even if the food products are stored in a cold environment, they will fill their shelf life after a while.

Considering that food safety has started at the market, we need to pay attention to the issues listed above.

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