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TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analysis of Medical Products

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  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analysis of Medical Products

Validation work should be carried out in order to show that the cleaning process carried out in medical products is carried out effectively.

In order to verify the cleaning process in cleaning validation, first of all, it should be determined whether any disinfectant remains are found in the environment.

For this purpose, "Total Organic Carbon" analysis is performed on surfaces or product with TOC device. With the TOC analysis, the entire organic carbon is measured, so that all potential disinfectant remains can be measured at a very sensitive level.

Cleaning validation is the process of controlling the residual substances formed after cleaning on equipment surfaces within the permissible limits.

TOC analysis is the most appropriate analysis for detecting all substances that may lead to contamination. Medical product manufacturers must perform TOC analysis to prove the accuracy of their cleaning process.

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