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Use of Preservatives in Natural and Organic Cosmetics

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  • Use of Preservatives in Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Recently, natural and organic cosmetic products have become more preferred by consumers. For this reason, manufacturers have made an effort to produce more natural and cosmetic products.

Issued by the Ministry of Health "DRUG AND MEDICAL DEVICES AGENCY TURKEY, GUIDE FOR THE COMPONENTS AND PRODUCT CLAIMS natural and organic cosmetics, VERSION 1.0" can be used to assist in natural and organic cosmetic ingredients have been identified. Preservatives are the most important of these substances. Preservatives that can be used are clearly defined in this guide since consumers especially choose this type of products because they are not exposed to the negative effects of preservatives.

In cases where the use of preservatives is inevitable in organic cosmetics, preservatives that can be used within limits are specified in the table below.


Table 2. Nature-identical preservatives that can be used in natural and organic products. 


English Name

Benzil alkol 

Benzyl alcohol 

Benzoik asit,tuz ve etil esteri 

Benzoic acid, its salts and its ethyl 

Dehidroasetik asit ve tuzları 

Dehyrdoacetic acid and its salts 

Formik asit ve formik asit sodyum 

Formic acid and its salts 

Propiyonik asit ve tuzları 

Propionic acid and its salts 

Salisilik asit ve tuzları 

Salicyclic acid and its salts 

Sorbik asit ve tuzları 

Sorbic acid and its salts 

* mentioned salts: salts of sodium, potassium, ammonium, ethyl ammonium, calcium and magnesium cations (for example, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate) 


In order to use “organic” or “natural” expression in organic and natural cosmetic products, at least 95% of the product content must be like this.

As a result, if a natural or organic cosmetic product is mentioned, only preservatives in the table can be used. If the manufacturer will claim that it does not contain preservatives, no preservatives should be included, including the preservatives in the table. You can get detailed information on the subject from


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