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Water Quality of Cosmetic Products

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  • Water Quality of Cosmetic Products

Water is one of the most microbially risky components in cosmetic production. The necessity of continuous testing for microorganism growth is also specified in the guideline on cosmetic products.

It would be appropriate for the water to be used in the production of cosmetics to be of drinking water quality microbiologically.

In this sense, the limit value in packaged waters is "200 CFU / ml" for "Total bacteria 37 ° C". This value can be used as the maximum value in waters.

In the American Pharmacopoeia (USP) and other related pharmacopoeias, the total number of bacteria for the purified water used is limited to 100 cfu / ml.

These low values include filtration, UV, etc. It can be reached with such requirements.

The lower the microbial load of the water used, the lower will be the microbial load of the product.

For cosmetic products with high water content such as shampoos and lotions, the microbiological quality of water is even more important.

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