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What to Know in Meat and Meat Products - Nitrate and Nitrite

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  • What to Know in Meat and Meat Products - Nitrate and Nitrite

What to Know in Meat and Meat Products: Nitrate and Nitrite

Nitrite and nitrate are one of the most important preservatives used in meat and meat products, which are indispensable in our daily life. Especially the low consumption of nitrate and nitrite in some delicatessen products such as sausage, salami, sausage, which are frequently consumed in breakfast, cause some negative color change and microbial deterioration, and excess amount causes residual nitrite and nitrate amount to increase.

Other reasons for placing nirate and nitrite substances in meats are:

To prevent the proliferation and toxin secretion of botulinum causing food poisoning.
To provide the desired bright and pinkish-red color in cured and heat treated products such as sausage, salami and the pinkish / red color in raw products such as cured sausage.
To provide the unique taste and flavor of cured products.
As in all foods, the amount of these substances added to meat products should also be considered. Because these substances may combine with some compounds in food or stomach and show carcinogenic effects.

According to the World Health Organization, maximum daily intake values ​​for nitrate and nitrite: (WHO)

Harmless amount for nitrate; 0-5 mg for nitrite; 0-0.5 mg
For nitrate under special conditions; 5-10 mg for nitrite; 0-0.8 mg

According to the Turkish Food Codex, the maximum allowable amount for conventional dry cured products is 250 mg / kg for nitrate and 100 mg / kg for nitrite.

In the consumption of foods containing such additives; consumption frequency, consumption amount and quality products should be considered.

According to the information obtained recently, the experts stated that due to the excessive consumption of processed meat products, it can cause the death of approximately 34,000 people worldwide annually. Experts therefore emphasize the need to limit the consumption of such processed meat products, especially those containing nitrite and nitrate.

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