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Silicon Free Test in Cosmetics

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  • Silicon Free Test in Cosmetics

ilicones are frequently used in the cosmetics industry because they feel like a silk on the skin.

Silicones (dimethicone is one of the best known) with different names are used especially in shampoos for many reasons such as waterproofing, moisture protection.

An important point here is that silicones are polymeric rather than elementary. This can mean the following.

Silicon analysis cannot be performed by looking only Si (silicon), which is elemental. Silicones, especially Polydimethyl siloxanes, are a family of polymers with many types.

The point to be especially careful about here is that it is not right to say silicon free by looking at elemental silicon. For this reason, it can only be called silicon free by looking at polymer silicones.

Silicones, which are frequently used in cosmetics, have recently come to the agenda due to their possibility of harming people and the environment. For this reason, silicone free products are becoming popular.

Especially companies that want to offer safe cosmetic products to their customers start to produce products that do not contain silicone and declare this. The Ministry of Health is now requesting reports for such "not included" claims.

The point that needs to be highlighted in the silicone free test is that it is not possible to call silicone free only by looking at Si (silicon). For more detailed information, you can apply to


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