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The communiqué issued by the Ministry of Health in 2005 states that the rate of biodegradability of cationic surfactants in detergents should not be less than 90%.

Cationic surfactants are not allowed to be placed on the market if they have less biodegradability than this rate. Because the detergent types in this structure cause serious harm to human and animal health.

Cationic active substances should be tested in accredited laboratories. Within the scope of the relevant communiqué, all tests in the form of thickeners, fillers, liquids, powders, granules, creams or tablets should be tested. Many cleaning materials used both at home and in industry contain cationic active substances. Therefore, the biodegradability of these products needs to be tested in the laboratory.

The antiseptic properties of cationic active substances are known to be dusted later than after cleaning. The antiseptic properties of these substances also lead to a high rate of dirt removal. Two different standards are applied in the tests carried out in our accredited laboratory.

TS EN ISO 2871-1 Surfactants - Detergents - Determination of Cationic Active Substance Content - Part 1 - High Molecular Mass Cationic Active Substance

TS EN ISO 2871-2 Surface Active Substances - Detergents - Determination of Cationic Active Substance Content - Part 2 - Low Molecular Mass (Between 200 and 500) Cationic Active Substance

You can contact us to carry out cationic active substance analysis tests required by these two standards. The analysis result can then be reported to you.

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