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You can also benefit from the physical analysis studies that we are performing in our fully equipped laboratory. We also carry out color analysis studies within the scope of the analysis studies carried out by our expert teams. We complete the analysis in a short time by using color measurement systems and report the results of the analysis to you in a short time. You can contact us immediately for color analysis, which is one of the most important elements of water quality.

When water is in thin layers, it may appear completely transparent or even colorless. However, as the depth of the layers increases, the color of the water starts to appear blue or navy. This color increases when the pH of the water increases. Therefore, there is a close relationship between the pH value and the water quality.

We do Color Analysis for Water Samples!

The rapid color analysis in our laboratory is considered as one of the quality parameters of water production facilities. Therefore, water production facilities may need to carry out color analysis studies for water. Some substances naturally present in water are the cause of the change in water color. Examples of these substances are metallic ions such as iron and manganese, as well as organic substances, aquatic plants and seeds.

If you send water samples to our laboratory which is fully equipped and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, color analysis can be performed for you by our expert teams. After the color analysis study in accordance with the required standards, the report is prepared and the results are sent to you with the report.

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