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Although the amount of liquid substances is different, the density may be the same. The mass of substances refers to the ratio of the mass to the volume of the substance.

The mass of a substance per unit volume determines its density. Consider, for example, two substances in an amount of one cubic centimeter. The density of the water at the same rate is 1 gram. However, the density of this amount of iron is 7.8 grams.

The relative density determination or analysis performed in the laboratory can determine the density of any substance with its ratio to the density of water. It is possible to perform this test for all substances. In particular, it is very important to determine the density of foods in this way. Because the relative density ratio information is needed for separation operations.

In order to obtain both density and relative density information, relevant test procedures can be performed in laboratories. It requires the need for a team of experts and a fully equipped laboratory environment in order to be able to carry out the relevant test in accordance with the standards issued by both domestic and foreign organizations. Therefore, density or relative density testing cannot be performed in any physical environment.

In our laboratory equipped with the latest technology, density and relative density determination studies can be performed. Contact us for more information.

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