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SANITER is the laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Health document number 2015/6 for “SWIMMING POOL WATER SAMPLING AND SWIMMING POOL WATER ANALYSIS”.

The following analyzes are carried out within the scope of the Regulation on Health Principles and Conditions for Swimming Pools.

Physical Analysis (Color, Odor, Appearance, etc.)
Microbiological Analysis (Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria, E.coli, Total Coliform, Pseudomonas aeruginosa), Chemical Analysis (Cyanuric acid, Biguanide, Hydrogen Peroxide, pH, Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate, Copper, Aluminum, Total alkalinity, Bound chlorine)

Although disinfection provides a significant level of protection and control in the pond, the lack of continuity of disinfection, poor maintenance of the pond increases the risk of infection. Therefore, pool water analyzes should be performed regularly.

Pool water samples are taken from your company by our team of experts, brought to the laboratory under appropriate conditions and analyzed immediately and delivered to the customer as soon as the reports are issued, and registered to the Ministry of Health system.

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