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Analyzes performed according to certain standards enable to obtain the number of bacteria formed in psychophile, mesophile and thermophile groups.

The test for the determination of the number of bacteria in aerobic or anaerobic conditions is often considered as the analysis of counting of total bacteria.

Aerobic mesophilic bacterial analyzes are performed for food types and are among the most widely used analyzes. Within the scope of these analyzes, a certain temperature and duration is valid. Colonies that develop at this temperature and time are examined and counted. Psychophilic aerobic bacteria analysis is performed if the food is kept in a cold environment for a long time.

Aerobic oxygen-loving bacteria, mesophilic refers to bacteria living at temperatures between 15-45 degrees. Therefore, the total of all bacteria with these properties is called aerobic mesophilic.

In our laboratories where our well-equipped and expert teams work, test works are carried out in accordance with all conditions determined within the framework of laws and standards. For analysis studies such as aerobic mesophilic bacteria count, aerobic bacteria count or aerobic colony count test, you can contact us immediately and get more detailed information.

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