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All foods contain some organic acids that occur naturally or in the fermentation process.

Organic acids, which help food to preserve its color, aroma, brightness, quality and even taste, are now being used as an additive. The most commonly used ones are acetic acid, lactic acid and citric acid.

Among the mineral acids, only phosphoric acid can be added to the food as an additive. Alkaline compounds can also be used in various foods. Examples include color and taste enhancers, pH adjusters, ammonium bicarbonates, bitternesses or protein solvents. These substances, which are used in food for various purposes, may also require a pH test analysis.

For all food products, various tests such as pH determination and total acidity should be carried out in the laboratory and under suitable conditions. In terms of food safety and human health, expertise and experience are of paramount importance in these tests. This is where we come in and we conduct pH analysis tests for all foods in our fully equipped laboratory environment.

We use the devices equipped with the latest technology in our pH analysis studies carried out by our expert teams with experience in the field. Necessary tests are performed in our laboratory according to the following standards:

TS 1728 ISO 1842 fruit and vegetable products - pH determination

TS EN 1132 fruit and vegetable juices - pH determination

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