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As you know, not all liquids have the same flow rate. For example, the flow rate of fruit juice and the flow rate of olive oil are different.

The homogeneous structure of liquid foods viscosity is generally referred to as viscosity. The resistance of the food in liquid form to fluidity can be determined by viscosity analysis.

Today, viscosity testing can be performed in many different ways. We can also state that the number of devices that can be used for this analysis is quite high. One of the most common methods used in these modern methods is the rate at which the liquid introduced into the tube passes through this vertical tube. The value of how fast or slow the liquid passes through the vertical tube is the viscosity value of the liquid in question.

Another method used for the analysis is how much acceleration a round object passes through the liquid being examined. The test with this method shows the viscosity value of the liquid. The viscosity, which can be considered as the internal friction of liquids, is also a determining factor in the structure of the liquid.

Not only in foodstuffs, but also in the viscosity of all liquid form substances. For this reason, we can perform viscosity analysis in our fully equipped laboratories and deliver the result to you in a short time. Generally accepted test standards and criteria are applied in our laboratories where our expert teams work.

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