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Substances considered to be total active substances have surface cleaning properties. This feature brings with it the widespread use of many cleaning materials and detergents today.

Although the total active ingredients generally bring to mind the cleansing and detergent industry, they are often used in the cosmetics industry.

Therefore, a total active substance analysis is needed to prove product safety. It is also possible to carry out these analyzes for products that have not been completed. At the same time, the relevant test can be performed for the finished products. 3 different methods are preferred in these analysis studies.

Determination of the amount of sodium chloride as a percentage
Determination of the amount of soluble substances in alcohol
Determination of sulphated and non-sulphated organic substances
The test, which can be applied by all three methods, has to be performed in certain standards and accredited laboratories. TS 518 Synthetic Detergents in accordance with the standards for the total active substance analysis work can be obtained from our laboratory, where our expert and experienced teams work.

At any stage of production, we are able to perform total active substance testing and we can perform these studies on the sample. All the conditions specified in the relevant laws and regulations are available in our laboratory. As with all our analysis studies, total active substance analysis is carried out under the conditions specified in the standards, completed in a short time and the report is delivered to you. Call us for more information.

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