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Silicones are used in many personal care products. It is preferred to be used in cosmetic sector because it provides lubrication and silk-like feeling on the skin. Silicones also act as skin protectors, thinners, film formers, moisturizers, thickeners and emulsifiers.

Silicones (dimethicone is one of the most well-known) with different names are converted into many different formulations to fulfill the specific role of waterproofing, moisture-retaining, color pigments, protecting our hair and smoothing. In this way, it appears as a chemical showing synthetic properties in the cosmetic sample.

Silicone is found in many products on the market because cosmetic companies prefer because of the costs. Silicone adds shine and fullness to the hair, adhering to the outer shell of the hair. This may cause irritation of the mucosa as a result of the use of silicon-containing products, preventing the penetration of useful oils and nutrients into other products used in the hair due to clogging of the surface layer of the hair, causing hair loss, breakage and loss!

Companies that want to offer safe cosmetic products to their customers are now starting to produce silicone-free products.

Silicon free products are becoming an important criterion for purchasing by consumers recently. Therefore, companies want to launch such products. For this, silicone free analysis is required. Saniter can perform silicon free analysis.

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