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Keeping foods in the open air before packaging and even the packaging materials used may cause mold and yeast formation.

Especially in the products which come into contact with the soil and packaged by washing without being washed, the amount of mold is much higher.

Yeast content is higher in foods containing sugar than mold. In our fully equipped laboratory, most commonly used media for yeast and mold analysis are preferred. Yeast and mold count analyzes performed in accordance with all existing standards can be performed together or separately.

The yeast and mold count analysis, which should be carried out for commercial purposes, is carried out separately by counting colony morphology and yeast and mold count analysis. These analyzes are carried out by taking into consideration the standards and test methods determined by domestic and foreign organizations.

Incubation takes 5 days. TS ISO 21527-1 and TS ISO 21527-2 standards are taken into consideration during the mold and yeast count analysis performed in our laboratory. Different media can also be used in our laboratory depending on the purpose of the analysis. You can contact us for more information.

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