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Clostridium Perfringens


Shaving cream, lipstick, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and similar aqueous cosmetics contain high levels of moisture. This moisture can create a great basis for the formation of a large number of bacteria and fungi in cosmetic products. This is why aqueous cosmetic products may need to be analyzed before they are available. This is where we come in, and we offer you the clostridium perfringens test service in the laboratory.

As part of the clostridium perfringens analysis performed by our expert laboratory staff, we take a sample of the cosmetic product and add an ideal dilution into it. It is then left to the incubation stage in an oxygen-free environment at ideal temperatures and ideal conditions. After the end of the incubation phase, he goes to the analysis. Within the scope of this analysis, the colony count of petroleum is carried out.

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The colony counts to see if the bacterium has been formed and then proceeds to the reporting stage. At the reporting stage, information about the bacteria detected in the colony is transmitted as positive or negative evaluation, whether detected or not. Then the report is delivered to you.

Since Clostridium perfringens is a pathogenic bacteria, it can cause an allergic reaction on the skin. Cosmetic products that come into contact with the skin must undergo this analysis. Allergic reaction may cause various problems such as skin wear. You can contact us immediately for the necessary analysis of the raw materials. You can also call us for more information.

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