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In cosmetic products, one of the indicators that the product is not hygienic is coliform bacteria.

This microorganism, which is a very important bacterial species in cosmetic products, can cause various diseases. Skin infection, pimples, shallots can cause many serious problems, such as bacteria that can cause various analysis studies should be determined whether the product is also available.

You can choose us for coliform bacteria analysis performed by our experienced teams in the laboratory. After taking some sample, dilution is added to the incubation of the sample in the form of analysis to determine whether the presence of the bacteria in question. Then we send the result to you with the report we prepared.

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After the incubation phase, colony counts are performed by our experienced and expert teams. Afterwards, it is reported whether this bacteria is present or not. You can contact us immediately to carry out the necessary analysis in a very short period of time and to inform you of the results as a report.

Since it causes many different diseases and skin conditions, it is necessary to determine whether the caliform bacteria are in cosmetic products. In fact, the presence of this bacterium, especially in the raw materials used in the production stage, is one of the situations that brands that make cosmetic production do not want. For practical analysis, simply send the sample to us.
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