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In our laboratory, mesophilic aerobic bacteria, also called aerobic colony counting, can be analyzed.

In this analysis, a certain ratio is taken from the sample and then a dilution is added to this sample. Immediately thereafter, the medium is sown under ideal conditions and removed to incubation. The appropriate temperature is also set.

As a result of incubation, the colonies that occur in petroleum are counted and thus mesophilic aerobic bacteria analysis is performed. We are continuing our analysis studies within the framework of the guideline published by "Turkish Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Institution". It is mandatory to enumerate the following bacteria under the Guidelines on Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products:

Mold and yeast count
Total aerobic mesophilic bacteria count
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia coli
Candida albicans
The first category includes products for children under the age of 3, products applied to the skin around the eyes, products used without rinsing and products applied to mucous membranes. In these products, the total number of live aerobic mesophilic microorganisms in the relevant guidance is also stated. These organisms, which can be characterized as yeasts and molds, should not exceed 100 cfu / g or 100 cfu / ml.

The second category includes rinsed products and other products not in the first category. In the second category, the number of live aerobic mesophilic microorganisms should not exceed 1000 cfu / g or 1000 cfu / ml. In addition, potential pathogens should be examined in the analysis. Because potential pathogens should not be present in 1 g or 1 milliliter for all products in the first and second categories. These main potential pathogens can be listed as follows:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia coli
Candida albicans bacteria

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