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The cosmetic products that will be put into use must first go through some analysis studies.

Within the scope of these analysis studies, it is necessary to investigate whether certain microorganisms are present in the cosmetic product. Our analysis of cosmetic products includes "escherichia coli analysis". You can benefit from this analysis which we have carried out in the laboratory and we can communicate the results to you quickly.

First of all, we take a certain amount from the sample of cosmetic products and add dilution into it to ensure proper conditions. The sample, which is allowed to incubate at the appropriate temperature, should wait a certain time. When this period is completed, escherichia coli analysis can be performed. All colonies formed in petroleum are counted within the scope of the analysis. We then report the results of all negative and positive microorganism analyzes as detected or not.

"Turkish Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Institution" published a guide. This document, which is named as Guide for Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products, makes it necessary to investigate the presence of some microorganisms in all cosmetic products. Within the scope of the analysis studies carried out in our laboratories, we are able to check whether these microorganisms are present in the sample you are forwarding to us.

Mold and yeast count
Total aerobic mesophilic bacteria count
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia coli
Candida albicans

You can also benefit from our laboratory analysis of cosmetic products.

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