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Enterobactericeae is one of the most common bacteria seen in all cosmetic products with high water content.

Especially in aqueous cosmetic products such as shaving lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, the presence of this bacterium must be determined. We can perform enterobactericeae test for you by performing the necessary analysis in the laboratory. Then we report the results to you.

Within the scope of the analysis, some samples should be taken first. An ideal dilution is added to this and incubated. Incubation takes place in an oxygen-free environment, after waiting for the ideal time, the presence of the bacteria is checked. During the analysis phase, all the colonies are counted by our teams. After the counting is performed, a report is issued as detected or not.

Enterobactericeae is a disease-causing bacteria
Enterobactericeae, commonly seen in cosmetic products, is a type of bacteria that can cause various diseases. For this reason, it is essential that the test be performed before cosmetic products are put into use and whether the product produces bacteria during incubation. You can contact us immediately so that the necessary analysis is completed as soon as possible and the results are reported to you.

There is no limit value for any bacteria-related standard. For this reason, the analysis is carried out in accordance with the special demands of the companies. However, as we have just mentioned, it is recommended to carry out the necessary test and analysis studies since it is a bacterial species causing diseases. You can call us to get more detailed information about this subject.

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