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Turkey Medical Devices And analyzing whether the presence of certain bacteria in cosmetic products within the scope of the guideline published by the Medicines Agency and the results need to be reported.

Within the scope of this standard which is named as Guide for Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products, you can enable us to carry out the studies of bacteria that must be analyzed quickly by purchasing a microbiological analysis package.

The analysis of these bacteria, which must be tested necessarily, is carried out by our teams with laboratory experience. For this reason, when you purchase a microbiological analysis package, all of the bacteria that must be analyzed necessarily are examined and a report is prepared and delivered to you. Since the analysis package is a much more economical option, it is preferred more by cosmetic brands.

In the context of the Guidelines on Microbiological Control of Cosmetic Products, these bacteria must be analyzed:

Mold and yeast count
Total aerobic mesophilic bacteria count
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia coli
Candida albicans
After the analysis of all bacteria, the presence or absence of these bacteria is reflected in the report. Then the report is delivered to you in a very short time. However, you can contact us immediately for the necessary analysis of the raw materials you use in cosmetic production. You can also benefit from the analysis that we carry out in the laboratory in the determination of bacteria that do not have to be analyzed in certain standards but which remove the products from being hygienic

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